Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ready for my closeup!

I finally have the pictures from my photo shoot! There are lots of pictures in the post, but only about half of what was on the disc. I am also on the W Talent website and will be having comp cards made soon.

Shots around downtown Salt Lake City:

Shots at Pioneer Park:

Headshots (I wasn't crazy about any of the headshots, so we're using one of the pictures with the gray shirt instead):

Dress shots (2nd to last one was when the photographer told me to be goofy. I also jumped up and down, but didn't include the picture, because I look ridiculous):

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ghosts, goblins, and things that go bump in the night

I participated in several Halloween activities this year. The weekend before Halloween, I went to a pumpkin carving party hosted by Katy and her brother. I carved two pumpkins--one has a haunted house and the other has lots of stars. I stole the pumpkin photos from Katy's Facebook pics, because mine didn't turn out. Hope she doesn't mind!

Brother Eggett hosted a Latter-Day Celebration costume party at his home the day before Halloween. I only stayed for an hour, because I also had Chorale rehearsal that evening. We carved some more pumpkins and played a charades game while I was there, and I got some fun pictures.

Erin and me:

Me and Nate:


Katy and Nathan:

On Halloween night, I went with some friends to see the silent movie "Phantom of the Opera" with live organ. It was the 1925 version with Lon Chaney as the Phantom. My friend, Mike Ohman, was the organist. Most of the audience members were wearing Halloween costumes and there was a little show preceding the movie. It started with a coffin being carried onto the stage amid smoke (dry ice) and spooky music. Then the lid opened and out came Michael Ohman! He even wore a Phantom cape. He went the organ and played impressively and then a couple came out dressed in 1920's outfits and sang a song. The movie itself was great and the audience was very reactive--screaming, booing, hissing, gasping, laughing, etc. It was definitely a fun way to spend Halloween night.

Cara, John, and me before the movie:

Me with Justin after the movie: